Choosing a mahogany door for an entrance is always a great decision. However, as with anything you buy for your home, there are different features and elements to look for in these types of entrance doors.

One of the first and most obvious issues is the actual quality of mahogany used in the construction of the door. Top quality doors are made of 100% mahogany, not just a mahogany veneer. A veneer is a thin sheet of wood glued to the core. This veneer can often peel and separate from the door over time, which will not happen with a top, solid and carefully crafted mahogany door, engineered for durability, resistance to weather elements, and with beautiful design options.

Buy for Quality

One of the most important issues is to buy from a reputable company and manufacturer. There are top companies in the United States both manufacturing doors as well as providing online sales or sales through their retail outlets.

Buying a mahogany door from the manufacturer will allow for maximum customization, including your choice of glass, the option to add design elements such as transoms and sidelites, and even to design your own mahogany door, if you have a particular design in mind.

Staining and Sealing

For the perfect stain application, and to add a top-quality, commercial-grade UV resistant sealant for exterior mahogany door designs, have the manufacturer complete the staining and sealing for you.

Not only will this provide you with a beautiful door that is ready to install, but the staining and sealing will be done by professionals. This ensures it is applied uniformly and consistently for the longest life and the greatest protection for your door.

Design and Style

A quality mahogany door is an investment, and it will last a lifetime with routine maintenance and care. Despite being a natural product, these doors will outlast many of the man-made options such as vinyl and steel, and will be much more durable even in the most challenging of environments.

Since these doors are so long-lasting, choosing doors with a design you are going to enjoy for decades is always important. With options from the very ornate and elegant to the simple and classic, you will find the right mahogany door to suit your tastes now and in the future.

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