A Law Firm in Allen County IN Defends Clients Against Charges Relating to Theft and Attempted Theft

by | Jul 25, 2016 | Lawyer

A law firm in Allen County IN defends clients who have been charged with theft or attempted theft characterized by various actions. Criminal offense categorizations tend to be detailed, precise and complex. A person convicted one type of theft will face a significantly harsher sentence than someone convicted of a crime viewed as a lesser offense.

Shoplifting a relatively cheap item, for instance, does not carry as steep a penalty as shoplifting an item that costs more than $100. There also are different minimum and maximum penalties for burglarizing a house or robbing a store. Bringing a weapon into a robbery worsens the potential consequences, as the crime has now escalated to armed robbery. An attorney with a law firm in Allen County IN understands the nuances among different types of theft-related crimes and is ready to provide skilled legal representation.

Robbery is considered a forcible crime because other people are present, whereas burglary is characterized by the thief not encountering anyone else. A burglary can turn into a robbery if the thief is surprised by someone returning home or by someone he or she didn’t know was there. Being convicted of robbery is usually worse than being convicted of burglary, even if the victim was not physically harmed. That’s because the law recognizes the mental and emotional trauma this person likely suffered. However, this doesn’t mean the law considers burglary to have no victims. When someone’s home has been broken into, that person feels violated and probably will be anxious or afraid in the future of another possible incident.

Shoplifting, in contrast, does not involve breaking into a building and does not involve any confrontation with other people. That puts it in a category of its own, the severity of which is generally determined by the value of the goods the person stole or attempted to take. In Indiana, the prosecuting attorney’s office has some discretion as to the level of charges to file in a shoplifting case. An individual charged with this crime may consult a lawyer such as Richard Thonert for assistance. Check out Thonertlaw.net for more information.

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