Electricity can be shocking to work with. Dangerous voltage can stop someone’s heart or give them severe burns. A Local Electrical Contractor in Matthews NC should always be contacted to perform your electrical wiring needs. They can perform work for commercial businesses as well as homeowners. They’re capable of wiring an entire plant, store, or factory as well as installing beautiful landscape lighting around a home. Wiring in any building or exterior area should never be performed by an untrained individual. Improper wiring can cause serious damage or a fire to the building if not installed correctly.

If you’re building a home, remodeling a kitchen, game room, bathroom, basement, or any room in a home, electrical lines may need to be moved. Many new homeowners find the homes they purchased do not have sufficient lighting outside, and areas of the home’s living spaces may require additional lighting. A Local Electrical Contractor in Matthews NC can quickly and easily give you an estimate and perform the work that you need to have completed. If you’re interested in upgrading the lighting in your kitchen or bathroom, they can run the wires necessary and install the lighting you need. Wires must be properly connected and protected in a wall to eliminate the chance of a fire. A bathroom must be wired correctly to eliminate a shock hazard in the event water leaks from the toilet, shower, or sink.

Commercial buildings are usually much taller than a home and an experienced electrical contractor will have a bucket truck to reach those higher places. They can install internet cabling for offices, restaurants, and homes. They can perform and update your current electrical service if it isn’t up to code. They can provide the electrical maintenance needed to keep your business looking bright. If you’re concerned about the security of your business, they can offer affordable solutions, including outside lighting. Whatever your electrical needs are, an electrical contractor can perform the work.

Gowdy Electric has years of experience performing all types of electrical work for residential and commercial customers. They’re always ready to perform the best work available in the area and have many satisfied customers.

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