It’s bad enough when a dog brings home fleas after staying in a boarding kennel. The pet owners have their hands full with trying to eliminate the infestation on the dog and in the house. But what happens when the dog apparently is picking up fleas from the owners’ own yard? A Pest Exterminator in Columbia MD can help people resolve this problem, which is not as uncommon as many might think.

Fleas may take up residence in various parts of a property that are shaded and humid. That may include areas under bushes, decks and porches. On hot, sunny days, a dog might crawl into these cool, shady areas and enjoy a snooze. Some fleas may jump or climb onto the dog’s fur, sensing the warmth and a regular meal.

A Pest Exterminator in Columbia MD may treat those shady, humid parts of the yard with insecticide. It’s essential that pet owners keep their animals away from those places for the length of time advised by the technician. They may need to fence off the areas with temporary borders or walk the dog on a leash when the animal needs to relieve itself.

Future strategies that may be recommended by a service such as Atlas Exterminator Co. Inc. can be done by the homeowners. These include keeping the grass trimmed and eliminating any areas of debris, such as wood piles near the house. Diatomaceous earth can be distributed around the yard with a fertilizer spreader. This substance is not harmful to people or pets, but it kills fleas by drying out their bodies. The material should only be used when the grass is dry for a relatively lengthy period of time since rain and lawn sprinklers can wash it away.

Fleas may return if other animals roam through the yard or take up residence on the property. Stray cats and other people’s dogs, for instance, may carry fleas that get into the grass. Rodents, such as mice, squirrels and chipmunks, also may have these critters on their little bodies. Future infestations can be treated again by a professional pest control technician.

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