Many people think it’s okay to use a sink drain to get rid of practically any liquid substance, but routinely allowing cooking oil and grease to go down the drain can cause big problems. Similar issues can result if someone uses hot oil hair treatment in the shower. Grease and oil may solidify on the interior walls of drain and sewer pipes. Sometimes this results in a clog that requires the removal of the drain pipe by a Plumbing Service in Allentown to eliminate the blockage. Anyone experiencing this type of situation may Click here to get assistance.

If the problem has occurred in the sewer pipe and not the drain pipe, the plumber may resolve it with high-pressure water equipment in a floor drain or other main drain. Normally, a sewer pipe blockage is fixed by a Plumbing Service in Allentown with a snake device, but that usually isn’t effective for grease. The device only moves the grease around since the snake can’t actually grab or cut it. It can grab other materials that have become stuck in the grease, such as hair and lint, but that just results in a sticky mess being pulled up out of the drain and most of the problem substance remaining inside.

Unpleasant odors may waft up from drains after a grease clog forms and even for several days after it has been removed. Adding baking soda mixed in hot water to the affected drain will help. A plumber from a company such asĀ  Plumbing may recommend routinely running hot water in the sink and squirting some dish soap there to wash out the drain and pipes.

This situation can be avoided altogether by taking the time to remove cooking grease and oily substances before rinsing or washing kitchen items in the sink or putting them in the dishwasher. This includes materials like butter, margarine, mayonnaise and oily salad dressings. Removing the substances is easy enough with some paper towels. Also, oil should never be poured down the drain with the thought that it will simply travel unhindered to the sewage treatment plant. It can be poured into a disposable container and thrown away in the garbage.

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