Working at high altitudes comes with a higher degree of risk. Workers can fall and severely injure themselves, or they can get stuck in an area that can’t be accessed by others. In certain circumstances there can be a high risk of others injuring themselves attempting to help as well. This can compound in a sort of domino effect that results in even more people getting injured. Proper safety training is vital for workers that find themselves at high altitudes or who regularly work in places that are difficult to get to. However, safety training only goes so far and sometimes a rescue is required to save a worker’s life. Having a high angle rescue crew available in case of an emergency is critical to ensuring the safety of workers at high altitudes. In places where even the most trained professionals would be wary, a rescue crew that’s trained to deal with the hazards of high angle rescue will be able to save the injured person’s life while not posing any more risk to themselves or others.

Designed for Your Workplace

Part of contracting a rescue team often involves an inspection of your workplace. During this inspection the team will assess every possibility for worker injury and deduce strategies for accommodating for these hazards in any possible rescue attempt. This means that they’ll be far better suited to responding to an emergency in your workplace than any emergency professionals who have not done this sort of research.

Assessing Risks

During this routine inspection of workplace hazards, the team will also take note of where the largest possible risks are. This allows them to better understand where they will likely need to be if they are called. By developing different protocols that are entirely based on the risks posed in your workplace, a professional high angle rescue team can assure you that the best possible approach is being taken and that your workers will suffer the least amount of injuries possible.

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