Mistakes made during operations that cause harm to the patient are considered medical malpractice. Sometimes, an error is made that does not adversely affect the patient, but much of the time, these mistakes can cause the need for further treatment, longer hospital stays, and even a second operation to correct the error. A surgical error lawyer in North Stonington, CT represents clients who are dealing with this type of situation.

Tangible Expenses to Be Covered

People who have been harmed in these instances deserve financial compensation. All related medical expenses should be paid by the malpractice insurer, and if patients need ongoing nursing care, that should be covered as well. This might be home care or temporary residential rehabilitation in a skilled nursing center. If the person is delayed from returning to work because of the surgeon’s mistake, lost wages should be included in the compensation.

Intangible Aspects to Consider

A surgical error lawyer in North Stonington, CT may also expect the insurer to pay for intangible aspects connected with this difficult time. If the patient needs several or more weeks to recover or faces another surgery, this can be considered an emotionally troublesome occurrence. Children may be deprived of routine parenting while a parent continues to be in the hospital or a nursing facility. The person may miss out on opportunities, such as being able to participate in the annual bike ride for a charity he or she always signs up for. It’s a hardship situation both financially and psychologically.

Devastating Errors

In some instances, a mistake during an operation is devastating to the patient and family. Fatalities can occur because of errors. Some patients have had the wrong arm or leg amputated, which left them with the need to still have the other one removed and losing both.

A Free Consultation with a Lawyer

Lawyers like Stephen M. Reck provide free initial consultations so prospective clients can learn whether they have a good case. They need to be ready to explain what happened and offer details on the financial and emotional difficulties they have endured. Click here for more information on this particular attorney.

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