Having to clear out an inherited home that’s full of stuff can feel like a massive task. Some of the belongings will be kept, some given away and perhaps some will be sold. The family might bring useful items to thrift shops run by charitable organizations. A waste management and Recycling Company in San Antonio TX can provide a dumpster for everything else.


The family might decide to hold onto aluminum and copper items to bring to a recycling center for cash, as they know those materials always have enough dollar value to make the trip worthwhile. In contrast, glass, paper, cardboard, plastic and even other metals do not generate much cash in return, if any. Nevertheless, a Recycling Company in San Antonio TX will sort through everything placed in the dumpster to make sure that the recyclable materials do not wind up in a landfill.


Sometimes elderly parents have piles of recyclable materials in the basement or garage that should have been set out for garbage and recyclable pickup, but they never got around to doing this. In other cases, the items were still in use or were kept for no apparent reason. Some people eventually accumulate a number of beer, wine and liquor bottles, for example. They might like the unique labels on some of them or the bottles might be associated with a memorable experience.


Some kinds of plastic, after being gathered by a company such as Tiger Sanitation, are used for the interior lining of winter jackets and sleeping bags. Others are used to manufacture flowerpots. Glass is melted down for reuse. The recycling company must separate that material by color. As for steel and iron items, those also can be recycled unless they are very rusty.


Many municipalities and townships have managed to make the recycling process very convenient for area residents. Instead of having to separate all the materials, the residents now just put all the recyclable items into one big container and the workers sort it out later. That’s the same strategy used by a waste management service providing dumpsters for one-time use. Visit Tigersanitation.com to learn more about one particular organization. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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