A system for CATV in Council Bluffs involves a company receiving television signals and distributing those signals by cable to other locations for a subscription fee. This is most commonly referred to as cable TV, but the abbreviation actually stands for community access television or community antenna television.

The primary function of CATV was originally quite different than it is now. Remote regions or those in which mountains blocked normal antenna reception could construct large community antennas to receive the signals. Cable service could then bring TV reception from the community antenna to residences. It’s nearly the opposite way from how people think of cable TV today, in which residents of rural regions typically can’t get the service. Instead, they rely on satellite service or watch a very limited number of stations. You can visit here for more information.

A property owner who plans to have a large apartment complex constructed may want tenants to easily order cable service. This can be accomplished by having the building pre-wired for cable. Many people who like to have cable TV also choose to have cable for their Internet service. Although technically cable is a luxury item, the general population has come to expect this TV service as a matter of course. Between cable and satellite service, more than 80 percent of U.S. residents pay for their TV channels through a subscription. Getting reception by a roof antenna or an indoor model is decidedly old-school for the majority of Americans.

An electrician who is skilled with installing wiring for CATV in Council Bluffs is valuable for this type of work. Until several years ago, apartment building owners could contract with one cable company to provide TV service, but the Federal Communications Commission eventually outlawed these types of deals. That means cable companies might not do the work of pre-wiring when they have no guarantee they’ll be providing the TV service. An electrical company also may be more affordable than a cable company for this type of work. A property owner who is interested in CATV wiring may contact a company such as Brase Electrical Contracting Corp. for information and an estimate.

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