For those very early morning fishing expeditions or those late night arrivals back to your dock, solar powered dock lights offer both safety as well as security. As they are fully solar powered they are the perfect option even if there isn’t electricity to your dock area, helping to cut down on the costs of installation.

There are different options in solar powered dock lights are there are two different types of light to consider. One is the solar powered dock marker lights, which operate to give you an easy visual on your dock, taking all the guesswork out of trying to find home if you are out on the water in the evening.

The second type of light is a security light, which can also be fully solar powered and respond to movement. This bright light will be activated with the motion of the incoming boat, or someone walking down the dock, adding to the safety and security of the area regardless of the weather conditions.

The Dock Markers

Dock markers are a great option for your dock area. As they are solar powered dock lights they work without any energy demands, so they are very cost effective to leave on all year round. They will add to the look of the dock or slip, and you can set them to come on and go off at designed times.

The dock lights can be fully wireless, eliminating the need for any cabling or wiring at all. They are typically placed at eight, ten, twelve or sixteen-foot intervals, but you can place them in any configuration desired.

The Security Lights

Also fully wireless, the security type of solar powered dock lights have a solar panel on the back side of the light. When the motion detector senses movement, the full light comes on for 60 seconds, then shuts off when no additional motion is detected.

This provides the more powerful light needed when docking, securing the boat to the dock or slip, and when walking around the dock area near the boat. These security lights can be placed where needed, allowing for multiple lights or using just one light depending on the specific location and visibility needs.

While all solar powered dock lights are for safety and security, they don’t have all the requirements of full electrical wiring and running power to the dock area. They are designed for year round use outdoors, making them a very cost-effective addition for any boat owner.

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