If a homeowner decides they would like a patio area in their backyard to enjoy time outdoors, they may want to hire a service that specializes in the installation of Concrete Slabs in Philadelphia PA to handle the job. A concrete contractor would add a professional looking block to the property so outdoor furniture, barbecue equipment, or even a hot tub could be placed on top of a sturdy structure.

First, the contracting service would come to the home to plot out the area where the concrete is to be poured. They would dig several inches of soil from within this area. They will most likely have a truck available to haul this soil away if there is not a spot where it can be relocated. Afterward, they would add gravel to the spot so any water runoff would be filtered to the ground below. Molding would be placed along each side of the area so the concrete would be contained inside. This will ensure the sides are straight.

The concrete service would bring a cement truck to fill in the area where the patio is to be placed. This will need to cure for a few days before it can be used. The molding would be removed when the concrete starts to harden.

If someone wishes to have a slab that stands out a bit from other properties, they can ask the contractor to stain the concrete after it has hardened. Some concrete contractors also provided colored concrete. Another idea is to use stamping equipment to make impressions in the concrete before it is totally hardened. This will add a pattern to the patio, giving it a luxurious look as a result. The pattern can be selected beforehand if desired.

If someone wishes to add a patio to their own property, they can call a company that deals with the installation of Concrete Slabs in Philadelphia PA.

Clearspan Contractors Inc. is one concrete company that offers a variety of services including driveway, staircase, and patio installation. Click here to find out more about the process and to make an appointment for an evaluation of the land.

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