Although they aren’t medical professionals, air conditioning contractors in Naples, FL are some of the most important workers for people suffering from multiple sclerosis. Heat and humidity aggravate┬ásymptoms of MS, which is particularly problematic in a hot, humid climate like that of the Gulf Coast. MS patients may still enjoy residing in this area even while needing air conditioning to continue to live as fully as possible.

Some symptoms that can appear or be escalated because of heat and humidity include muscle weakness, unsteadiness, and blurred vision. The underlying problem involves damaged nerves that have trouble conducting normal electrical impulses, a hallmark of MS. Even a minor rise in body temperature worsens the situation. For that reason, MS patients tend to feel and function better when the air is cool.

Fortunately, heat does not worsen the disease itself or hasten its progression. Symptoms that increase during excessively warm temperatures are reduced when the person can spend time in the┬ácooler air again. In fact, the symptoms decrease rapidly once the patient gets out of the heat. That’s why MS patients in southwestern Florida rely on air conditioning contractors in Naples, FL. Temperatures in this region can be very warm at virtually any time of year, and can feel unbearable even to the healthiest residents during the summertime.

MS patients often are advised not to move to a hot, humid climate. Since so many retirees move to Florida, that’s an important consideration. However, people who already live in this area may not want to leave it. They may truly love the Naples area, with its ocean breezes, palm trees and lack of snow, ice and cold. They need a contractor such as CoolAir Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. to make sure their home has an efficient central air system and to keep that system in excellent working order. Central air conditioning has become standard in homes and businesses throughout this region, so nobody has to endure the worst of the heat. For individuals who cannot even manage the mid-range temperatures of a Gulf Coast spring or autumn day, being able to reside in an air-conditioned home is crucial.

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