Better airsoft guns mean you can last longer in the field and one way to ensure that is to keep your gun in tip-top shape. According to Airsoft Dome, maintenance is key to giving you longer-performing airsoft guns. First time to own an airsoft gun? No worries. Here are a few maintenance tips for you.

General Cleaning

Maintenance includes cleaning your gun regularly. Remember to stay away from strong solvents or cleansers. Petroleum lubricants are also a bad idea. And if you’ve got use silicone spray, make sure it’s 100 percent silicone, not just part silicone. If you don’t, the solution might take the gleam and polish off your airsoft guns. Generally, though, cleaning your gun is simple and easy. All you need is a soft cloth. Make it a little damp with water then wipe down every part of the gun. That’s it.

Interior Maintenance

Want to clean up the gearbox system instead the gun? Don’t attempt this unless you know what you’re doing. You might irrevocably damage the gun and end up having to spend more on getting a new one. Also, don’t use lubricants on the gun and remember to never soak it in water.

Barrel Cleaning

Have a cleaning rod ready along with a .22 caliber patch. Use the spray silicone on the patch. Take the extra minute to check if you’ve got your hop off before you insert the rod into the barrel. If you don’t, the cleaning rod will end up stuck and deal extensive damage to your hop up.

If everything is good to go, proceed to the next: cleaning the barrels inside out. Follow a back and forth motion when you wipe the barrel. Take out the .22 caliber patch from the cleaning rod and insert a new one in place. Make sure it’s dry.

Do this over again until the barrel is empty of any residue.

Test Fire

When you’re satisfied that you’ve cleaned every inch of your airsoft gun, then do test fire to check. Your hop up should be zero by now. If your gun has a gearbox, you’ve got to take it in to get it lubricated every 6 months.

Upgrades and Replacements

Instead of tossing over your old gun for a new one, consider going for OEM parts instead. These are parts from the original manufacturers. By replacing worn out parts with OEM parts, you can extend your gun’s lifespan. Also, you could easily upgrade your gun with these OEM parts. For more information on airsoft guns, especially OEM parts, give us a call at Airsoft GI.

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