Accidents occur all the time. The results of accidents often end up pretty badly for some of the injured parties. They could lose limbs, suffer permanent body scars or sustain other injuries that may cause multiple problems. When these people are injured like this, through no fault of their own, it usually results in a personal injury case. In a personal injury case, the injured party may sue the offending party for the injuries sustained that led to hospital bills, loss of wages and other damages. Many lawyers handle these types of cases in Alabama. Here are some facts an injured party may want to know.

The injured party will want to familiarize himself or herself with the time limit allowed to file a personal injury claim. It varies from state to state. In Alabama, the time allowed is two years. Beyond this, the injured party is unlikely to have the case heard. It is also good for the injured party to understand that Alabama subscribes to the “contributory negligence ” rule. The striking thing to remember about this rule is that if the injured party can be found any part responsible for the accident, nothing can be recovered monetarily.

It may be pretty scary to think that even if the injured party is found to be one percent at fault, he or she can collect nothing. It is for this reason it is to the injured party’s greatest advantage to hiring a lawyer who is experienced at fighting these kinds of cases in the state of Alabama. Plaintiffs in a personal injury case will be pleased to know, however, that Alabama has no caps on damages for personal injury cases, except in cases of punitive damages.

If a party is involved in an automobile accident and sustains a personal injury, Gene T. Moore is an attorney in the Tuscaloosa County, Alabama area who will use his over two decades of experience to help the party win his or her case.

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