Do you know just how important it is to replace the tyres on your vehicle every so often? When the tread depth lowers and bulges or cracks become noticeable in the sidewall, you could end up spending more than necessary on fuel. Not only this, but poor-quality tyres are risky and will reduce stopping distance, which could prove to be disastrous in icy conditions. Buying from trusted brands that are known around the world, such as Michelin, will put your mind at ease and guarantee a long life for your tyres. Better fuel savings and mileage can be enjoyed when you buy Michelin tyres, which offer the following benefits forĀ  motorists.

Michelin’s Production Facilities

Boasting various locations throughout Australia and the rest of the world, Michelin is a recognised brand and is known for manufacturing car tyres, parts and accessories for all kinds of vehicles. The brand provides 170 countries with products and the company’s global presence dates back to the 20th century. Since this time, production facilities have expanded and nowadays, tyres are made by a big team of over 112,000 employees based in various locations around the globe.

Michelin Invented the World’s Largest Tyre

With so many different vehicles out there, it is not surprising that tyre manufacturers and suppliers have produced products of all shapes and sizes over the years. However, nothing compares to the world’s largest tyre, which was invented by Michelin. The Michelin Earthmover range was created specifically for motorists who wanted to be able to drive on some of the planet’s most treacherous terrains. Built to perform, these tyres are long-lasting and the largest measured a staggering 29.5R25 – now that’s big!

Michelin Manufacturers Various Tyre Types

There is a reason why Michelin tyres are bought by people from around the word – there are a plethora of tyre types to choose from. All-terrain, winter, snow and high-performance are just a few examples of the tyre types you can buy from this brand. To make the process of finding tyres easier, navigate their website to browse for products categorised by make, range, engine, year and wheel size. Covered by warranty, all tyre types will stand the test of time and will make each experience on the road a pleasant one. Even if you don’t buy tyres directly from a Michelin dealer and choose to buy through a different supplier in your area, chances are the products will be covered by warranty.

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