An attorney in Royse City, TX, can protect someone’s future when they’ve been charged with a crime or have been injured due to the negligence of someone else. A DUI/DWI can limit your ability to drive and being placed in jail will limit your freedom. Insurance rates can skyrocket, and a surcharge can be placed on your rates that can be upwards of $6,000. An attorney will fight to be successful in a dismissal or reduction of the charges against someone. They understand the consequences and what they’ll do to an individual’s life. In addition, if the lawyer is successful in having the charges dropped or reduced, there is an opportunity to have your arrest records and fingerprints destroyed.

Selecting an attorney should not be taken lightly. An attorney in Royse City, TX, should have experience in the area in which you are seeking representation. An individual who has been injured in an automobile accident should seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. They should provide references for the outcome of personal injury claims. An individual can find out how many cases they took to trial and how many cases resulted in a fair settlement before a trial started. Legal fees are not charged for a personal injury claim. The only time someone must pay an attorney any money is when the case is settled.

There are certain factors that will alert law enforcement there may be a need to pull an individual over for a DWI. They are:

* Weaving

* Drifting

* Tires on the center line

* Headlights off

* Turning a wide radius

* Appearing to be drunk

* If your speed drops, 10 mph below the speed limit

* Swerving

* And many other strange incidents with an automobile.

When someone is pulled over by law enforcement, they should remain courteous. You have the option to tell law enforcement you are not answering questions without an attorney present. If your face is flushed, your eyes are watery, or you have slurred speech, there’s a very good chance you will be arrested. The Law Offices of Tim Hartley have years of experience in both criminal and personal injury law cases. Their experience and knowledge surpasses that of many other attorneys in the area. For more information, please feel free to browse their website.

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