If your older dog appears to be run down, or is not as animated during play as he used to be, he may be suffering from arthritis. Arthritis is a general term used by veterinarians that is defined by abnormal changes in a dog’s joints. The condition may arise from destruction of the joint tissue, congenital defects, or trauma. In some instances, immune system disorders lead to joint tissue inflammation and subsequent degeneration.

How Laser Therapy Can Help

If your dog has been diagnosed with arthritis then, laser therapy is an innovative treatment that can ease the pain or discomfort of the disease. An animal hospital in Biloxi, MS that features this therapy can significantly upgrade the quality of an older dog’s life by using this treatment approach.

Alternative Treatments for Arthritis – Why They Are Not Recommended

Alternative treatments for arthritis can be considered too. However, most are either too expensive (such as physical therapy) or are not all that effective, such as holistic care. If your dog has a condition that can benefit from laser therapy then, you need to schedule an appointment with your vet. Browse site information online to learn more about this type of innovative care.

An FDA-approved Non-invasive Treatment Option

Laser therapy is FDA-approved and features the use of a cold laser for relieving arthritic discomfort. The non-invasive procedure stimulates cells and promotes blood flow, thereby reducing the pain that leads to other issues, such as depression. Opting for this animal hospital treatment for your pet is one way to make your dog more comfortable in his or her older years.

Conditions Treated by Laser Therapy

So, if your animal hospital offers laser therapy, you need to schedule an appointment for this kind of care. Besides treating arthritis, laser therapy is also used for treating wounds, bone disease, skin disorders, oral diseases, sinus problems, cystitis, and conditions of the ear.

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