Wildlife is attracted to many items around the home. Food, shelter and water can be highly attractive to animals whose habitats have dramatically shrunk over the years. Once these animals find a way into the yard, they can pose a hazard to the family. This is why many cases of animal intrusion should be handled by professionals. These are some of types of animals in which to contact a removal service.

Raccoons can be highly aggressive animals. They will defend territory with sharp teeth and claws especially if they are cornered into a tight location. Wild raccoons will also carry diseases easily transmitted to humans. Contact the Wildlife Removal Services in Arlington VA for help on safely removing raccoons from spaces. Sometimes, these raccoons will be mothers with babies which will require an investigation into also finding the nest.

Snakes are a hazard in the yard. Virginia has its own fair share of poisonous snakes. Because snakes are often camouflaged, they can’t be easily located. However, if they are stepped on, they become an instant hazard. Even non-venomous snakes have a very painful bite. Snakes tend to be highly flexible and very quick to react. This makes them very dangerous to remove from an area. A call to the Wildlife Removal Services in Arlington VA should be made if one is discovered.

Squirrels are a nuisance. They tend to utilize any empty hollow space as storage. They will chew on wires and installation. Because they generally get in through openings in the roof, the squirrel will typically evade capture. Squirrels tend to be very fast and can cause a lot of damage before they are caught. Like raccoons, they will fight if cornered. Some diseases can be transmitted to humans through the bite and scratch of a squirrel. The Wildlife Removal Services in Arlington VA should be called when an invasion has occurred. Browse the website for more information.

Raccoons, snakes and squirrels are constantly on the move. If they identify your property as a good place to stay, the animals will pose a hazard to the family. Removal should only be attempted by Pest Management Services in Arlington VA to prevent injuries when trying to remove these pests.

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