Auto Accident Lawyers in Hollywood FL can Help Clients Prove the Other Driver’s Negligence

by | Mar 11, 2016 | Lawyer

If a person is in a car accident, it can be difficult for them to prove that someone else was at fault. One’s word is insufficient here; the client needs evidence such as witness testimony or video footage to prove that someone else’s carelessness or negligence caused an accident. Readers can Click Here to learn where they can look to find support for negligence claims.

Police Reports

If law enforcement personnel came to the accident scene, it’s highly likely that they created and filed a police report. If the police or an involved party filed a report, it’s important to get a copy of it for review. The report contains the investigating officer’s assessment of the events, as well as his or her opinion on fault. If the report contains mentions of traffic citations, carelessness or fault, it can bolster one’s claim.

State Traffic Laws

Drivers can look for supporting evidence in state traffic laws, and an easy-to-understand version of traffic statutes can be found at the DMV. The client should search for laws applying to their situation, such as right-of-way, road sign and speed limit laws. Auto Accident Lawyers in Hollywood FL can use the language and intent of these laws to prove their client’s claim.

When Can the Other Party be Deemed at Fault?

There are some situations where the other party will almost always be in the wrong. Such situations include:

  *    Rear end crashes. If a car is rear ended, it’s usually the other driver’s fault for not leaving sufficient room to safely stop.

  *    Left turn crashes. When a car makes a left turn, the driver is liable for an accident involving a car headed in the opposite direction. However, there are limited exceptions in these cases.

Does a Victim Need a Lawyer’s Help to Prove That Another Driver is Responsible?

Every auto accident is unique, and proving fault in such cases can be very difficult. This applies equally whether the victim needs to prove their claim to an auto insurer or a judge. Auto Accident Lawyers in Hollywood FL can help the client prove another driver’s negligence, and they can protect the client’s rights to ensure they get a desirable result.

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