There are many kinds of pests a property owner must deal with such as roaches, ants, and rodents. However, there are some insects that may pose a problem while still being beneficial, such as the honeybee. This is one reason it is important to research Pest Control Companies in Phoenix AZ whenever bees become a problem. One reason for this is that some pest control experts do not have the skills or knowledge to properly remove a bee infestation. Bee experts like those at ASAP Bee Removal make bee removal a priority, and they take this responsibility very seriously. This is partly because bees are beneficial for plant pollination.

It is important to realize there are several types of bees in the Phoenix area, and property owners should not attempt removal of these insects on their own. The most obvious reason for this is the Africanized killer bee that has taken up residence in the southern U.S. Experts in bee control need to deal with their removal because aggravating the killer bee can be deadly, and it takes very little to make this aggressive species angry. Plus, it is difficult for the typical home or business owner to distinguish the honeybee from a killer bee. Pest Control Companies in Phoenix AZ specializing in bee removal can reduce the chances of annoying this dangerous insect so home or business owners are not attacked.

Another kind of bee that is less familiar to many property owners is the carpenter bee. This type of bee is not always dangerous. In fact, the male of the species does not even possess a stinger even though it is the one that frequently annoys people by flying around them. Female carpenter bees, however, do possess a stinger and are known to use it if they feel threatened. The female spends much of its time in search of pollen, which can reduce the chance of an attack. The reason the carpenter bee can be a problem is that they bore into the wood area homes are made from. Holes bored by the carpenter bee can be as wide as half an inch and sometimes as deep as twelve inches or more. Learn more about bee removal from the experts at
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