A house is made of many different materials, most of which are water-resistant on their own. Most leaks are found where two kinds of material meet, and sealant can stop those leaks before they get serious enough to need Flood Damage Repair in Willow Grove PA from ServiceMaster of Jenkintown. Sealants work by filling in gaps to waterproof the area. Below are the areas that need an application of sealant.


A home’s windows should have sealant applied around the inside and the outside. A thorough application will prevent water intrusion, and it will stop it before the water finds its way inside the home. The bottom of window trim should not be caulked; leaving it un-caulked gives water a way out of the home.

Door Frames

The home’s door frames are one of its weakest spots as far as moisture is concerned. The sealant should be applied where the threshold and the frame touch, and it should also be applied where siding and trim meet. Door frames have several different layers, and it’s important to treat them all.

Fascia and Soffit

A roof’s soffit is the underside of the overhang, and fascia are the boards where gutters are typically fastened. These areas are often moist, and should be protected. By applying sealant behind the fascia boards and the soffit, the homeowner can help these parts last longer while avoiding the need for Flood Damage Repair in Willow Grove PA.


Decks that are attached to the home should also be sealed. Whether it’s a self-supporting or roof deck, any place where two different materials touch can have a leak, including points where railings are attached to the home.

Masonry Gaps and Cracks

Any gaps or cracks in a home’s masonry should be promptly sealed with the transparent sealant. Concrete can be filled with a gray caulk that’s specifically made for that purpose; the homeowner should pay attention to places where masonry touches other materials.


A roof’s flashing bridges gaps where two types of material meet, such as where a deck touches the house or where the roof hits a chimney. Flashing, however, has its own seams to consider. Every place that has flashing should be treated with sealant, and it should be regularly checked for stability.

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