Banners are a popular and effective way to market a business, product or sale, event, or an organization. With a backlit banner, people can showcase their services, products and graphics on lighted sign cabinets in order to attract the attention of potential customers or promote their upcoming event.

These banners are made of a translucent material that allows light to pass through from behind the banner and highlight the message of the business in bright, rich colors achieved through backlit printing. The visual display produced is meant to really catch the eye. This type of banner is inexpensive, easy to change or update and is durable.

This type of banner has many uses and can be applied to a variety of places for advertisement including, menu displays, bus stops, window presentations and more.

What is Backlit Printing?
This type of digital printing is done on a heavy-duty translucent vinyl with that provides vibrant color printing for backlit signage. The image is printed using a double layer, high density printing technique to make the colors stand out when lit up. The desired message or graphics are printed with a high-quality matte finish. This means that the image will have minimal glare from outside light and is best suited for high-resolution displays.

Backlit printing helps to create the banners for these illuminated cabinets by maintaining rich color and allowing light to shine through. This dependable style of printing allows organizations, event planners, businesses, etc. to bring their ideas to life and light them up for the world to see.

Additional Benefits of Using a Backlit Banner

  • Durability – the banner is UV resistant as well as waterproof, staying dry and saturated with color despite the elements.
  • Versatility – the colors and graphics can be seen in the day or the night time, when unlit the colors can appear darker but they are brought to life when lit up at night.
  • Customizable – the banner is entirely customizable and allows for customers to send in their own graphics and designs to have them printed on the banner while also being able to choose the desired size that meets the needs of their display.
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