The bathroom can become a hostile environment for an older person. While a woman once loved the thought of relaxing in a hot bath, she may now fear not being able to get out of it. The toilet may be difficult to use because it’s hard for a person to stand up from such a low position. Bathroom Remodeling in Lawrence KS can successfully solve these problems to help people remain in their home and enjoy the full use of their bathroom. A traditional bathroom and shower combination can be very difficult for older people. In addition to sitting down and standing up, they may have trouble stepping over the side of the tub. Separating the tub and shower function is a smart strategy.

A walk-in bathtub allows the person to easily enter the tub and sit in a comfortable position. A heated seat and water jets can soothe many types of pain including arthritis. If they prefer to use the shower, they no longer have to step over the edge of the bathtub. The floor of the shower can be made from slip-resistant material and grab bars allow for additional safety. A seat can be added if the person tires easily. Bathroom Remodeling in Lawrence KS can also include adding a higher toilet that is located near grab bars to help them stand and lower themselves. It’s not only older or disabled people who can benefit from these changes. Lower back pain is one of the leading reasons that people visit the doctor. These changes make it easier for people to carry on when it strikes. You can visit here to get more information.

Doorways can be made wider so that a person can easily enter with a walker or wheelchair. Appropriate space should be left to allow the person to easily transition from the wheelchair to the shower, tub or toilet. The height of the sinks and vanities can be lowered to allow a person to sit in a wheelchair while they brush their teeth or wash their hands. Customers can conveniently use the Internet to learn more about these kinds of fixtures. They can visit websites such as to see some functional and attractive plumbing fixtures.

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