Many of the world’s beloved stars have died in car crashes. Few have taken the time to collectively look at their notoriety, or of the causes of how they met their deaths but upon reflection, the details are no less intriguing. Each celebrity played a different role in the lives of the onlookers, as well as having a unique impact and loss for those remaining in the era of time they were thriving.

Princess Diana’s death in the late nineties was most tragic, when her speeding car crashed in a tunnel in Paris. Her loyal subjects across the world mourned her death in disbelief. Then there’s Lisa Lopes of the R&B group TLC in 2002 who tried to pass a car on the highway, was approached by an oncoming truck, then veered off the road and flipped over several times to her death. Music changed that day forever-more, as Lisa’s fans grieved the loss of their favorite pop singer. Princess Grace of Monaco will not soon be forgotten, as both a princess and an actress whose car veered off the road, and over a cliff where the car came to a crash landing. Princess Grace hung on until the next day but ultimately death won out, to the dismay of her distraught subjects and adoring movie fans.

It takes not only driving skills but a vehicle in top shape to navigate the roads in our cities, whether you’re a celebrity or just common, everyday folk. Neither is less important than the other. Certainly, the value of the driver is brought to clarity when their deaths hit close to home. So how are the mechanical parts of your vehicle holding out? Bearings in Wisconsin can be found at for researching potential auto problems before they end in fatalities.

We can affirmatively say that the livelihood of a person behind the wheel of a car is not guaranteed. There is an inherent risk involved for any length of driving to any destination. Bearings in Wisconsin can be found locally to keep the safety of your wheels up to standard, and to lessen the risks for crashes due to auto structural defects. Help reduce the risk of fatalities due to auto maintenance neglect. Your family and loved ones, stars in their own right, could be lost as tragically as their celebrity counterparts.

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