The thought of surgery associates the process with a lot of work on your teeth and pain thereof. Well, that was then but now you do not have to experience any discomfort when you undergo periodontal surgery. Currently, you should be able to go home with little or no discomfort after the surgery. This is how you know that it has been done to the best. The dentist gives you an anaesthetic that ensures you do not feel a pinch during the whole procedure.

Surgeries lasting an hour or longer, are usually done with the patient being sedated. To ensure the safety of the patients, the blood pressure and the heart rate are monitored during the entire procedure. Despite the fact that the discomfort after surgery is reduced, it is advised for the patient to come with a driver and someone to accompany them after the surgery. To ensure that you have all the safety areas covered, there are tips that you need during Periodontal Surgery Pinedale WY.

  • Always ask as much information from the periodontist before the procedure so that you are prepared for the sedation. This will help you reduce the nervousness and keep you relaxed all through.
  • Periodontal surgery is a relatively simple procedure thus if you suffer severe pain afterwards and irregularities like bleeding, it is wise to visit your dentist and avoid further damage to your dentals.
  • Take the prescription as indicated by the dentist. The patient is given an anti-biotic to fight off any infections. If you miss a dose, it might put you at risk of bacterial infections and further damage. The mouth wash is taken in a range of 2 to 10 weeks after the periodontal surgery. It helps keep the dressed area clean as you cannot remove the dressing for some time.
  • After 10 days or so, the dressing is removed and post-operative care is given to the area. Then you go for an appointment with the dentist for a review. It takes a short period of time and from here you should come back for polish appointments for plaque control.
  • When eating, eat softer foods to avoid strain to the area. You should not eat hot foods for the first 24 hours. If you smoke it would be in your best interest to reduce it as the area heals faster. If there is pain, you should take the pain killers as indicated by the dentist.
  • Cleaning is a major factor after undergoing Periodontal Surgery in Pinedale WY. You should not make it rough as the area might swell and as a result not heal faster. Take warm salt rinses after eating for the first week. It will act as a cleansing agent but do not brush the area until the dentist gives you a go ahead.

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