Homeowners who want to make a statement with their fencing may want to consider wrought iron fencing. When it comes to Fencing Installation in Baltimore, there are a number of advantages to this type of fence.


Wrought iron Fencing Installation in Baltimore can increase the security of the home. It’s possible to make these fences quite tall, and they usually have pointed tops which are decorative while making it more difficult to scale and climb over the fence. They are also among the strongest possible fences, making it hard for unwanted guests to break through the fence to get onto the property. This type of fencing isn’t the best fence when it comes to privacy, however, as the designs are typically very open in nature.


While wrought iron fencing is beautiful and lasts a long time, it’s also one of the most expensive types of fencing available. The sheer weight of the fencing itself makes it, so it costs more and takes longer to install the fence, and the more custom the design, the longer it will take and the more expensive it will be to produce the fence desired.

Proper Care

Although these fences are often treated to limit rust, over time this may become and issue. One way to limit this risk is to paint the fence and then make sure to keep the fence painted, repainting whenever it begins to show signs of flaking or chipping over time. Repainting is sometimes necessary as often as every two years, but even leaving the rust for a while won’t destroy the fence. Some people allow for rusting, then sand the fence and paint every 10 or 15 years.


It’s possible to buy fences that are made to look like wrought iron but don’t contain iron. For example, there are aluminum options that are a lot less expensive. However, these fences aren’t as durable and may not be as strong.

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