Unlike carpet, linoleum and tile, hardwood flooring can last a lifetime and look great with little effort. However, these floors still need periodic upkeep, and Floor Refinishing in Manhattan KS can help to preserve their quality and appearance. Below are a few of the biggest advantages of having floors resurfaced every ten years.

It Can Remove Scratches

Even with constant care and caution, a homeowner may find that his or her hardwood floor can get the occasional scratch, crack or dent. Over time, the damage can build up and detract from the hardwood floor’s overall appearance. Thankfully, professional floor resurfacing can remove these minor imperfections.

It Removes Stubborn Stains

While the most effective way to keep stains off a hardwood floor is to immediately clean them after they occur, stains can still find their way in. Sandpaper is not only effective at removing minor dents, it can remove stains by gently taking away the topmost layer of wood grain.

It Increases Shine

One of the most important reasons people choose floor refinishing in Manhattan KS is that it restores the original luster of the floor, which can be lost over time. During the refinishing process, the floor is treated so that it looks smooth and new once more.

It Protects the Floor From Future Damage

After a floor is sanded, a sealer is applied to the wood. The sealer provides a protective layer for the wood, which makes it more resistant to scratches, stains and other damage.

It Diminishes Mold Risk

Professional floor refinishing protects hardwood floors by preventing moisture from getting into minor cracks. When the floors have a moisture barrier, there’s less of a chance of damaging mildew and mold growth, which can cause health problems in sensitive individuals.

Is it time for a change in the home’s hardwood floors? Professional resurfacing can protect these floors and keep them looking great as long as the owner stays in the home. Restore the radiance of hardwood flooring by calling or visiting Michael’s Resurfacing. With a free consultation, the homeowner can get expert advice on what they need to do to keep their floors looking great.

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