Anyone who has ever had a bed bug infestation knows that bed bugs can be a nasty, biting, hassle. There are many products available that can kill bed bugs, but getting rid of the infestation completely can be very difficult. Rather than attempting the extermination on their own, the homeowner should hire a company that specializes in infestations of Bed Bugs in Marlboro NJ.

Best Use of Insecticides

The over-the-counter insecticides available are loaded with toxins that are dangerous and can result in serious side effects to humans. Anyone in the home who suffers from asthma or allergies is at an even greater risk. Companies that specialize in the extermination of Bed Bugs in Marlboro NJ use ingredients that are safe for humans but deadly to the bed bugs.

Cost Effective

The over-the-counter products to kill bed bugs are very expensive. If the problem has not gone away on the first try, the homeowner would need to continue purchasing the products until they have gotten rid of the infestation. A bed bug extermination company would require the homeowner to pay once. If a follow-up treatment is necessary, it would be covered in the charge.

Time Consuming

Effectively getting rid of bed bugs takes a great deal of time. Most homeowners have several responsibilities that go along with owning a home as well as their responsibilities at work. If a homeowner tries to rid the home of bed bugs on their own, it can be very time-consuming. This can result in hours that the homeowner could have spent on something else.

Follow-Up Inspection

Professional exterminators know everything that there is to know about bed bugs. This includes knowing where the bed bugs that didn’t die during the first extermination would be hiding. When a homeowner hires a professional to exterminate their home, they can be sure that every last bed bug is dead after the follow-up inspection.

Bed bugs can make life in the home both difficult and uncomfortable. If a homeowner wants to ensure that every last bed bug in the home is dead, they should contact the professionals at Freehold Pest Control.

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