Most people love having their windows open to feel the first breezes of spring. When the snow thaws in St. Louis, homeowners all over the city open their windows to let fresh air inside. Protection is just as important as ventilation is, and as such, owners should call a professional for installation or Screen Repair in St. Louis MO. Below are several reasons to maintain the screens in a home’s windows.

Good Ventilation

Where proper airflow and ventilation are concerned, window screens are the best option. The open mesh allows air to circulate freely, just as if the door or window was opened without a screen.

Proper Protection

St. Louis homeowners want good airflow and adequate ventilation, but they also want to keep animals, insects, and vermin from getting into the home. With screened doors and windows, users can let fresh air into the home while keeping everything else outside.


Installing screens in the home’s doors and windows can provide occupants with an additional measure of privacy. Depending on the materials from which the screens are constructed, a mesh can make it harder for unauthorized people to see into the home.

Blockage of Harmful UV Rays

With solar window and door screens from, owners can block up to 85% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. This means, on the sunniest days of spring, homeowners can minimize the fading of drapes and upholstery while increasing overall energy efficiency.

Safety and Security

If a St. Louis homeowner chooses to install security grills or screens, they can add safety and security to the home. These hinged screens serve as an intruder deterrent, even on days when the front door is left open all day.

Adding screens to a home is a great idea, and maintaining existing screens is equally important. Whether a homeowner wants a fresh installation or Screen Repair in St. Louis MO, there’s no need to wait. A local screen repair company can fix problems or install new screens, normally on the same day. With new screens, area homeowners can enjoy the cool breezes of spring while keeping their homes safe and secure.

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