For many people, the jobs they consider to be the most fulfilling are those that give them the autonomy they desire combined the ability to enjoy competitive pay and benefits. Trucking companies in Pennsylvania offer these types of job opportunities, with short haul and local trucking jobs being among the most popular. Short haul jobs offer several core benefits.

What is Short Haul Driving?
Short-haul truck driving occurs within a few hundred miles from the truck driver’s workplace or home. This means a majority of your routes as a truck driver will not be more than a handful of hours, which is perfect for truck drivers who have families or who want to be at home at night most of the time. Common types of these jobs include carrying packages or running deliveries.

One of the hugest benefits of short haul jobs is that you can enjoy routes that are both simple and familiar. If you are driving in an area you know well, short haul jobs at trucking companies in Pennsylvania will most likely not take you much time to learn.

Long Stretches
Sticking closer to home can also increase your quality of life as a short-haul truck driver since you won’t have to remain behind the wheel for lengthy periods. Distracted or tired driving is hazardous driving, but as a short-haul truck driver, you probably will avoid the challenge of driving tired. In this type of job, you will most likely make many stops each day, so you won’t have any dull, long stretches in which to drift off.

It is worth noting that short haul driving jobs do tend to require a little more physical work than long haul truck driving does. For example, you may be responsible for running packages or loads on top of completing your driving tasks. You also must be prepared to drive a truck in the city setting, which means you should be comfortable with skilled maneuvering, reversing and tight cornering. The right trucking company can help you determine if short haul driving jobs are ideal for you.

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