Specialized coffee is a market gone wild. In most industrial countries, designer coffee is available in most any restaurant, coffee shop, even clothing stores. Along with making a Latte is an investment in an espresso coffee maker. Machines that churn out steamed milk and just the right amount for a shot of espresso isn’t casual. The coffee machine market has grown exponentially over the past ten years. Included in that growth is a larger market including the home espresso coffee machine and the pod coffee machines. In the US, the Saeco automatic and manual coffee makers, a Philips product, is found both in commercial applications as well as at home.

While there are many different models of coffee makers on the market. However, most coffee makers or coffee machines function the same way. The apparatus includes brewing apparatus includes coffee grounds spooned into a paper or metal filter. The filter is placed inside a cone-shaped funnel. The receptacle or pot is either a glass or pot. Once the coffee is in place, cold water goes into a separate chamber. The water is heated to boiling and then is directed automatically to the coffee filter.

For the warranty to be in effect, Saeco will repair or replace mechanical or electrical that are defective. Or replace the entire machine if it has several defective parts. For more information about our products and service, click here.

Repair Services offered include:

     *     Warranty Coverage

     *     Preventive Maintenance (PM)

     *     Equipment Refurbishing and Rebuilding

     *     Brewer, Espresso, Grinder – Parts and Supplies

     *     New Equipment Installations

     *     Water Filtration – 3M Cuno, Everpure, among others

Saeco repairs in New York City services all coffee makers whether commercial or semi-commercial. Services include trouble-shooting problems before we touch your maker. As keeping the coffee machine working is critical, analyzing the problem first saves time. Ordering parts right away helps short-circuit the time it takes to get the parts as quickly as possible. If you’d rather we do the actual work, our local service area includes a 100-mile radius of Albany, NY and provides you with a few options. Repairs can take place onsite as well as at the shop. Other options available for repair is analysis on site.

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