Buying Big and Buying Online – Saving Money on Your Cigarettes

by | Dec 1, 2017 | Cigar Shop

Cigarettes are expensive. In recent years, government initiatives have driven costs higher than ever before, with costs projected to hit fifteen pounds or more per pack due to taxes. With such high prices, it has become difficult to buy cigarettes with the frequency that many smokers are used to. Read on for tips and tricks to saving a few pounds while enjoying the occasional smoke.

Buy Online

Looking for cigarettes and other tobacco products online might seem odd for some, especially given the tendency of many smokers to simply stop by a convenience shop and pick up a pack as they need them. However, online tobacco retailers stand to save you anywhere from ten to seventy percent over buying locally, especially on internationally known brand names.

Buy in Bulk

Another way to save on tobacco products is to consider buying in bulk. Prices for individual packs can be almost double what you’d pay for the same number of cigarettes if you purchased them in packages containing multiple cartons. Even buying a single carton will typically save you a portion of the cost from each pack included.

Be Sure of Quality

One unfortunate aspect of buying bulk or discounted tobacco is that you might encounter products that don’t meet your discerning standards. This can include any number of disappointing and even dangerous factors, some of which might be:

  • Lack of freshness
  • Improper handling during importing
  • Fraudulent or ingenuine products, not actually manufactured by the brand stated on the package
  • Higher levels of potentially dangerous chemicals, found primarily in counterfeit cigarettes smuggled into the United Kingdom

These and other problems mean that while you might save money by purchasing these items, you will lose out on value and enjoyment. Don’t risk your money or the quality of your tobacco products – buy cigarettes online, in bulk and at discounted rates only from reputable, well-rated providers.

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