No matter what state you live in, if you own a boat you are required to carry a certain amount of insurance on your vessel. Failing to purchase insurance for your boat could result and a substantial fine, and possible jail time. It can be difficult to determine how much insurance you should carry, especially since states have a should their own policies, with a minimum coverage amount. Here are three factors to consider when purchasing boating insurance.

There are three main topics you should address with your insurance agent to help save you money, ensure that you are properly covered, and make sure that you do not leave US waters without having the appropriate policy to enter international waters.

What Type of Boat Are You Insuring?

If you are looking to buy Boat Insurance Auburn WA, there are many things to consider, like the type of vessel you are insuring. Each type of vessel requires a different type of insurance. This is due to the value and the expense in replacing it should something happen. You will also need to speak to an agent to determine whether you should have commercial or traditional insurance on your boat. There are 3 types of boats that must be insured differently, and for different amounts:

*     Recreational Boat

*     Yacht

*     Commercial Vessel

If Your Boat Leaves the Country -; You Will Need Additional Insurance

Even though your boat is registered in a specific state, if you plan to leave the country, regulations surrounding Boat Insurance Auburn WA, require that you purchase additional insurance for your adventures. If you plan on taking your boat outside of US waters, contact your insurance agent and purchase the appropriate insurance plan for your travel route.

Do you have a 6-month or 12-month Policy?

Because boating is considered a seasonal activity, many insurance companies allow you a period of time called a “lay up.” This is a time where the insurance coverage is suspended because the boat is not in use. This could save you a lot of money, as long as you remember not to take your boat out into the water until you have re-activated your insurance policy.

If you are looking for the ideal insurance policy for your boat, contact A & M Insurance Inc by calling 425-228-7406 or Visit Online at  to find out more about your insurance options or purchase the right boat insurance policy right away.

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