Energy calculations are used to determine if a building is able to use energy efficiently. Below, we will go over how to calculate the energy efficiency for commercial and residential properties.

Residential Energy

Residential energy calculations are used to ensure that your house meets or exceeds the minimum energy codes that each state sets. In order to calculate the energy efficiency of your home, a Manual J Load calculation must be performed. In addition to this, the equipment that is being used must be the correct size according to the Manual S.

These energy standards will be different depending on the state that you live in. Although there are some differences, they all share the same goal of improving the energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings.

Why Energy Efficiency Is Important

This is good for everyone involved including the user of the energy and the economy as a whole. Commercial buildings count for over 2/3rds of the nation’s total energy usage. This is why placing regulations on the energy efficiency of commercial and residential buildings are so important.

Commercial Energy

Much like each state has its own energy standards that residential buildings must meet, the same goes for commercial buildings. The energy requirements that are placed on commercial buildings are usually stricter than those that are placed on residential buildings.

When it comes to commercial energy calculations, there are two methods that can be used:

The Prescriptive Method

This method uses established minimum values set as the defaults in order to simplify the calculation and reduce the amount of time it takes to come up with the final answer. This method is easy to use and is the preferred method for people that are looking to find a rough answer. The issue that some have with this method is that these minimum values are centered around an inefficient building. If the building exceeded these minimum values, the formula does not take them into account.

The Performance Method

This method solves the issue that the prescriptive method causes. It does not assign any minimum values. Instead, it requires you to manually enter in each of the variables. The result is a more accurate answer that takes longer to calculate.

Why It Matters

The energy calculation is important to do in order to make sure your house or commercial building meets your state energy requirements. The energy calculation gives you a quick and easy way to find out this information.

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