There are those who believe all Wedding Video Services in Lexington KY do is capture the live events and create digital copies for the couple and others who would like keepsakes of the ceremony and reception. While the original filming is a huge part of the service offered, there are other perks designed to ensure the final product is everything the couple wants. Here is how the right service will ensure the video truly captures the spirit of the day.

Organizing the Film

After taking lots of footage, professionals from Wedding Video Services in Lexington KY begin the process of organizing the scenes to the best effect. That includes some of the candid footage captured before the ceremony and the events occurring during the reception. The goal is to ensure the progression of events captured in the video has a natural flow. This is not only important for the couple and those in attendance. The perfect organization also means loved ones who could not be present for the live event can view the video and almost feel as if they had been there.

Editing Out Things No One Wants to Remember

Even with the best-laid plans, something is bound to happen at the ceremony or the reception the couple would rather not remember. A professional can edit the footage, so those events do not show up in the final product. For example, if one of the rings is accidentally dropped during the ceremony, it’s easy to edit that part out and make it look as if the exchange took place without anything unusual happening.

The same holds true for the reception. If one or more guests are heard in the background making comments that are not exactly in keeping with the day or someone is doing something off to one side that’s a bit distracting, the professional can alter the footage, so those annoying events are not included in the final product.

A wedding video is intended to capture all of the warm and happy memories associated with the ceremony and the reception. Contact the team at First String Media Productions today and arrange a consultation. Thanks to the care and attention they give to every client, the finished video will be something the couple will cherish for years.

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