A home with a few members in the household can produce well over 50,000 gallons of drain water a year. So how is all that waste handled? Septic tanks are used to handle a home’s drain water. This is why homeowners need to know how to care for septic in Hawaii if they don’t want any problems with water waste. A septic tank basically acts like a filtration system for the waste that comes out of a home. Making sure that the system is functioning without any problems can help to eliminate clogged drains, foul odors, and wet areas in yards.

Systems that are associated with Septic in Hawaii work really hard to eliminate waste. Tanks are underground and are sealed so that water can only escape through appropriate outlets. Inside of the tanks is where bacteria works to break down waste. When solid waste that is biodegradable leaves a home, it ends up on the bottom of the septic tank where bacteria is able to turn some of it into gas. Any solids that aren’t broken down stay on the bottom of the tank. Eventually, the solids can start to take up too much space inside the tank which will lead to problems with overflow in the tank’s drain field.

So how do homeowners know if they are having tank failure? Examining the tank’s drain field is an easy way to check for tank problems. When overflow happens, the drain field will have wet areas in it that don’t ever seem to dry. The wet areas are usually accompanied by foul odors. People will also notice that drains inside of their homes are running much slower than normal. Often times, loud gurgling sounds will start to come from a home’s plumbing. In order to avoid any complications with septic systems, an annual inspection should be conducted by a professional.

People who want to avoid problems shouldn’t put paints, motor oils, or any fuels into their septic systems. Grease and fats from cooking can also cause problems for septic tanks. Excessive use of drain cleaners can also cause problems. Basically, homeowners want to ensure that their tanks only have to deal with biodegradable materials.

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