For decades manufacturing industries, hospitals, households, schools, institutions, organizations and the general public have been spending a lot of time, money and effort cleaning their carpets. For most facility managers, the task is daunting as it usually involves using harmful chemicals, takes up storage, involves intensive re-ordering efforts as well as higher emissions.

Introducing- Electrolyzed Water

For almost 40 years, there has been a more effective product capable of cleaning and sanitizing. Electrolyzed water is produced by way of electrolysis, or, the amalgamation of common tap water and sodium chloride. Electrolyzed water is used as a disinfectant and cleaning agent of pretty much everything, from sanitizing sushi in Japan, swimming pools in Europe, and carpet cleaning in Virginia Beach VA.

Cost Factor

As electrolyzed water is produced on-site, the overhead involved is greatly reduced, which saves a lot of money. With electrolyzed water being produced for as little as 2 cents per gallon, it is becoming more affordable to a lot of companies. It might take some time for electrolyzed water to be widely used across the globe. But it’s expected it will happen as the advantage of using it becomes more known and more affordable. Soon, it will be a common sight to see electrolyzed water being use in homes and by the ordinary person.

Acceptance of the Technology

As the technology of producing the product is breaking new grounds, recognition of electrolyzed water techniques is becoming prevalent in the United States. Being recognized as a disinfectant by U.S. Environmental Agencies and for use in food processing by the “FDA”, the technology has slowly, but steadily, made its way into facility management and regulatory communities.

Social Credence to Benefits of Electrolyzed Water

The president of Reliance Machine Company, Richard Cardemon, based in Muncie, IN, is known to have utilized electrolyzed water for a wide array of solutions, including cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms and kitchens, machinery maintenance, and cleaning of glass windows throughout his facility.

With electrolyzed water, Reliance has replaced conventional cleaning chemicals by 85% at a cost of less than two cents per gallon. Another example of it being used for carpet cleaning in virginia beach va, Atlantic Carpet Care has effectively utilized the green technology in cleaning services. Visit to learn how the company is effectively implementing green solutions in facilities management by adapting the technology. It will be exciting to see what the carpet cleaning industry comes up with next.

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