Is a Rum Fruit Cake Right for You?

Now is the best time for you to pick out your rum fruit cake for the holiday season – or for the cold winter to come. The good news is you will have a large selection of options to select from, including those that do not incorporate any alcohol in them at all. Keep...

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Tips for Serving Rum Fruit Cake

Now is the perfect time for you to try out a new type of dessert for your guests. You want to serve them rum fruit cake. It has a rich, soft flavor that is hard to mimic in any other type of treat. You can enjoy the warmth of this flavor accompanied by a range of...

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Gourmet Fruit Cake With Nuts

The ever so popular fruit and nut cake has been devoured by many individuals over the centuries. The process of making one of these cakes can be quite involved. Often, they are made sometime in advance of when they will be eaten and also stored in a dry place that...

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