Replacing a sliding glass door is a common home improvement project in older homes. Before energy savings became important, and before the advent of technologically advanced building materials, glass doors were one of the home’s most inefficient parts. Replacing a glass door can beautify the entire home, and it can greatly improve its energy efficiency. Below are some of the most common options for Glass door Washington DC replacement.

French Doors

French doors can be a wonderful, aesthetically pleasing replacement for glass doors. Space considerations are the main drawback; when the homeowner leaves French doors open, they take up living space. These doors typically don’t have screens, which may be a problem if the homeowner likes to leave the doors open for greater air circulation throughout the home.

Patio Doors

Center-swinging patio doors are a viable alternative to the French doors described above, as they give the same look with easier use. Center-swinging doors only have one side that opens, which saves walls pace. Most center-swing doors come with sliding screens, and they are typically less costly than French doors. A glass door contractor can help the homeowner choose a cost-effective, energy efficient option in any situation.

Sliding Doors for the Patio

It may seem counter intuitive, but a homeowner who is set on replacing sliding glass doors should consider a newer, more efficient set. Today’s sliding patio doors are made to the same energy efficiency standards as new windows. If the homeowner likes the convenience of a sliding door, but doesn’t want glass, there are non-glass options available. A sliding door with a wood frame can be a beautiful addition to any home.

Consult a Local Expert on Replacement of Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are some of the most inefficient parts of the home, but replacement with any of the alternatives above can help the homeowner save on their monthly utility bill. If a homeowner is thinking of replacing their old, outdated sliding doors for greater energy efficiency, they should talk to Beltway Auto & Plate Glass about which type of Glass door Washington DC will match the home’s design and meet their needs.

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