Cockroaches are one of the most disease-carrying insects that invade homes. They breed rapidly and a single female will typically produce as many as 150 offspring in the six months she lives. It is vital people learn to recognize the signs of roaches in their home so they can promptly contact a Pest Management Service in Ashburn VA. If roaches are not properly controlled, they can quickly take over a home and leave its occupants exposed to diseases.

There are four main signs that will alert a homeowner to the need of extermination:

• Should a homeowner see any roaches out in the daytime hours, this means they likely have a severe roach problem. Roaches are nocturnal and typically only come out at night. When the wall spaces become overly filled with roaches, they will begin to venture out and will be seen during the day. If a homeowner sees one or two roaches, this means they likely have hundreds more in their walls.

• Roaches leave behind a significant amount of droppings. The droppings will look different, according to the species of roach. They may resemble coffee grounds, black specs, or even oval-shaped pellets. These will normally be found behind furniture or appliances. A lot of droppings indicates a large population of roaches in the home. Where the droppings are found is where high-traffic areas are.

• Oothecae are egg casings that are left behind by roaches. These casings are oblong and tan in color. The casings are typically seen after the eggs have hatched. The roaches use their saliva to attach the egg casings to different areas in the home. These Oothecae can hold as many as fifty eggs, depending on the species of roach.

• When the roach population grows larger, the smell of roaches becomes repugnant. Roaches exhibit a musty smell that is unmistakable. Homeowners will also notice smells coming from the dying corpses of roaches.

If a homeowner has noticed any of these signs of problems with roaches, they need to seek Pest Management Service in Ashburn VA. To learn more about their services, visit They offer a wide array of preventative services and a PMSI Mold Treatment Division.

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