Outside of a vehicle having a faulty transmission that needs to be repaired, perhaps one of the most expensive repairs a vehicle may encounter is having to replace the engine. In many cases, powertrain warranties may cover the transmission, and the engine, for extended periods of time, perhaps beyond a vehicle’s bumper to bumper warranty.

However, if the vehicle in question is no longer under any sort of bumper-to-bumper or powertrain warranty, Car Engine Repair can be a major issue for people experiencing engine trouble. Fortunately, not every type of repair is going to require a new engine.

Most cars today are outfitted with computer modules that control a number of different features within the vehicle. These computer modules control the transmission, vehicle timing and often times, the internal workings of the engine itself. In many cases, when an engine isn’t working properly, or isn’t operating at all, it could be a problem with the computer module.

In some cases, it may be a problem with a specific aspect of the module, or the entire module itself may have to be replaced. While this can be a bit difficult, it’s not as expensive or as involved as having to replace the entire engine.

There are other components that assist the engine in its operation. For example, an oil pump is necessary to move oil into the interior compartments of the motor to keep the moving parts well lubricated. Should an oil filter fail, or should it not be working at peak efficiency, this can cause problems with the engine. If the engine operates long enough without proper oil pressure, the engine can be damaged significantly. However, if the problem is caught early enough, simply replacing the oil pump will help keep the engine operating smoothly.

If an engine has experienced major internal damage, in some cases the engine can be rebuilt at a lesser cost than replacing it. If the engine block isn’t damaged, the internal parts such as pistons, valves, seals and crankshafts can all be removed and replaced.

If you’re having issues that may require Car Engine Repair, it’s important to speak with the experts at dundeewolfauto.com before considering the worst possible scenario. Having the problem with your engine diagnosed is the best way to know what sort of repairs you’re facing, and how much those repairs will cost. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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