Although they aren’t quite as common now, millions of people prefer to drive vehicles with manual transmissions. Those who drive stick shifts enjoy better handling, lower maintenance costs, and increased fuel economy. However, problems still occur. Below are the most common reasons drivers bring their vehicles to Bob’s Transmission.

Clutch Slippage

The clutch’s job is to transfer kinetic energy from engine to transmission, and it allows shifting from one gear to the next. When it slips, the engine may rev, but the car won’t move. This can be indicative of clutch wear or a pedal that needs adjustment. A poorly performing clutch is a serious safety issue and should be evaluated by a licensed technician who does Manual Transmission Repair in GR. Clutches can cost anywhere from $400-$3000 to replace, depending on vehicle model, make, and type.

Trouble Getting into a Gear

Gear shifting issues are another sign that a clutch may need replacement. According to experts, trouble in shifting or remaining in gear can indicate transmission wear or damage, but a transmission repair shop can diagnose and resolve the issue.

Clutch Sticking

When the clutch goes all the way to the floor and does not return to its original position, the problem is very specific. The clutch’s slave or master cylinder needs replacement, generally at a cost of up to $300. It’s not quite as labor-intensive as removing the entire transmission, but the job can be time-consuming.

Leaks/Failing to Change Transmission Fluid

Just like vehicles with automatic transmissions, the fluid in manual transmission must be replaced to keep internal parts working correctly. Most manufacturers have recommended intervals but, for the most part, fluid should be changed every 45-60,000 miles. Fluid changes can reduce the chance of hydraulic failure, and drivers should check fluid levels routinely.

Operating Tips for Manual Transmissions

Proper operation is the best way to keep a manual transmission in good condition. Improper usage is one of the biggest reasons for Manual Transmission Repair in GR through, and drivers should not overuse the clutch pedal. At stoplights, the driver’s foot should be off of the pedal as keeping it there will wear the assembly prematurely.

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