Not all designer delivery services in Los Angeles operates on a completely professional level. The right service has several components that extend beyond special handling instructions. Designer, bespoke and one off type goods require special handling to prevent damages of course but it also requires a professional approach.

Your Clients

As a designer your clients expect a high level of professionalism that should be extended through the delivery and set up process (if necessary). To ensure complete satisfaction among your clients you need the service that understands that your delivery is an extension of your business. You want to choose a service that not only provides you with the delivery options that you need but that is willing to represent your brand with professional attire, services and protection for the goods. A trusted service can help to promote your line with their professionalism.

As the Buyer

Special handling of designer goods is really just an investment in the safety of your purchase. You want a service that takes pride in the services that they provide that will:

  • Respect your property
  • Maintain your confidentiality
  • Use proper handling
  • Follow any special instructions

If you have to have a service pick up designer goods whether it is a piece of furniture, art or even a handbag you want to be sure that you are choosing a trusted service that will use proper handling, follow your instructions to the letter and maintain a level of confidentiality that is bar none.

Secure/Safe Transport

There is a trusted source that will ensure that your delivery arrives in pristine condition and that it is transported in a secure environment. Safe, secure delivery options are available from Art Pack. You can get a full range of services that are geared toward the transport of precious goods.

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