While there is a lot to see and do in the USVI and the BVI staying on the islands, there is nothing like getting out on the water on a luxury charter. With a professional captain and all the luxuries of a well-maintained charter boat, you will see a completely different perspective on the islands, and your only decision is how to choose the best day charters in the USVI/BVI based on your needs.

There are many different charter companies in the USVI/BVI area. Keep in mind that these are two different sets of islands, and there are custom fees to consider if you are traveling between the two groups. Often the best day charters to allow you to see these islands is to charter a boat within either the USVI or the BVI depending on where you are staying and basing your holiday or vacation.

Length of the Charter
There are varioius options with different charter companies as to the length of time you are actually on the yacht and on the water. The best day charters will maximize your time to see the sights you wish to take in. The charter company should work with your plans to develop a travel plan to allow you to see, visit and experience the locations that are of importance to you.

Most of the best day charters will depart from the set area before nine in the morning, and you will be returned to the set location in the late afternoon, usually after four. This means a relaxing start to the morning and also time to arrive back to the dock to enjoy a wonderful dinner and some of the nightlife of the islands.

Companies with a lot of experience and a reputation for providing the best day charters will ask questions about your preferences for the day. They can then develop an itinerary for sights to see that will be a perfect match for your interests.

Additionally, they will also work with people who know just where they want to go. They can, of course, arrange to travel between the USVI and the BVI for your convenience and if that is what is requested.

The best day charters will have beautiful luxury yachts and all the comforts you expect. The captain and staff will be focused on providing a wonderful experience for their guests, and they will provide information on the USVI/BVI area that can help you make your trip even better.

When looking for the best day charters in the USVI/BVI, our personalized service at Blue Mystic Charters sets us apart from the competition. To learn more about our boats and our charters, please see us online at www.bluemysticcharters.com.

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