Before having a new tennis court installed and arranging for Excavation in Branford CT the property owner must consider what material to use for the surface. A large number of outdoor courts are paved with asphalt, concrete or clay. Each has advantages to think about before deciding.

Clay tennis courts are softer and not as rigid as those paved with asphalt or concrete. That makes them easier on the joints. For example, instead of players coming to an abrupt stop to return the ball, their feet slide a bit. The shock-absorbing quality of the surface is not jarring on the impact each time the feet hit the clay. Everyone appreciates this, but it can be an especially important feature if the court is intended for older individuals. Before scheduling Excavation in Branford CT this is a critical factor to consider.

In addition, the more expert players tend to appreciate the clay surface because it gives them better control of the ball. The ball bounces more slowly and with less force when it hits the clay surface. This also tends to mean that rallies and entire games last longer, which is advantageous for people who like practicing a variety of strategies throughout each game. Players who get together primarily to practice may prefer clay courts installed by a company such as Atwater Paving for this reason. Visit the website to learn more.

Not everyone cares for the extra maintenance involved with clay, however. The material requires the use of chemicals and water to keep it moist enough for flexibility and in excellent condition. Rolling with specialized equipment must be done regularly to keep the surface flat.

Asphalt and concrete cost somewhat more than clay to install, but they don’t require nearly as much maintenance. Asphalt costs less than concrete, but it is more likely to develop cracks and holes that must be repaired quickly. Asphalt also tends to deteriorate along the edges, and that will need to be addressed as it happens. These surfaces are best for casual tennis players and those who don’t need to be concerned much about the effects of hard-surface impact on the joints.

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