As much as you enjoy your job as a construction worker, you also know it can be very dangerous. There are numerous incidents that can happen on a site such as electric shock, truck accidents, equipment malfunctions, and structures collapsing to name a few. Should you be unfortunate enough to get hurt while working do not further compound your hardship by not having the proper representation of a lawyer. You should consult with a Chicago construction injury lawyer about the incident that happened at your workplace. Whether you are awarded by your employer with worker’s compensation or not, your attorney will help you understand insurance claims and civil suits.

Hire a Professional Attorney and Let them Handle Your Case

Your professional lawyer can provide you with the proper help you need so you can get through your case and seek the compensation you rightly deserve. When you hire an experienced lawyer that specializes in construction injury they know all the strategies to take. An attorney will help you get money for the time you missed work, your medical bills and more, in return this gives you the financial assistance you are entitled to as you start your recovery. You deserve to be protected and your employer has a responsibility to keep you safe while you are on the job. When you get injured, your attorney will step in and determine if your injury was the cause of your company’s carelessness. Your attorney will strive to make this happen.

Work with Your Attorney as Quick as You Can

Your first thought may not be to contact a lawyer when you get hurt on the job, but in order to have a better case it is in your best interest to do so. Whether you are at home or in a hospital, a reputable attorney will visit you so they can get information from you on what exactly happened to cause you to become injured at work. The quicker they can begin on your case the quicker you can receive the outcome you are hoping for. Most construction companies will offer you a settlement of a lesser amount than what you deserve and hope you take it. You should never settle for less, especially when you have a lawyer that is there to fight for your legal rights. When you work with a professional attorney you can have peace of mind in knowing they will fight for what is rightfully yours. Your lawyer understands and knows how to handle these kinds of cases, and is familiar with the tricks of the insurance agencies and construction companies. A professional attorney will make sure you receive the proper compensation that you are fully entitled to.

Shea Law Group can provide you with a professional Chicago construction injury lawyer in your time of need. Contact them today via their website for more information.

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