In choosing between glasses and contact lenses, some people feel that contact lenses make them look more attractive, while others prefer the fashionable look of Designer Eyeglasses Frames in Chicago. Both contacts and glasses can give a wearer confidence in his or her appearance, but there are more things to consider when choosing between the two. Consider the following comparisons between contact lenses and glasses.


Contact lenses are the winner in the vision category. Gas permeable hard lenses not only give the sharpest vision but they can also improve the wearer’s eyes by reshaping the cornea. Contacts also give the wearer a full range of vision, while glasses don’t cover the periphery of the visual field. Furthermore, the vision can be somewhat distorted by the position of glasses some distance from the eyes. Smudges on the glasses’ lens can also distort the vision.


For some people, comfort is an issue with contact lenses. Some people dislike the sensation of any friction between the lens and the eyeball, and many contact lens users suffer from irritation or even infection due to improper cleaning or using the lenses for too long. Glasses are more comfortable to the eyes, but they do put pressure on the nose and behind the ears. Some people dislike the sensation of glasses resting on the bridge of their nose.


Glasses can be a great fashion accessory, especially Designer Eyeglasses Frames in Chicago such as those found at Tropical Optical Corp. Many people choose to purchase several pairs of glasses in order to match their look to different occasions. On the other hand, contact lens wearers can enjoy a variety non-prescription sunglasses.


Since there is a great deal of variety in the cost of frames and lenses, it is hard to say definitively which costs more, contacts or glasses. It is possible to pay less for glasses, though. Many frames are inexpensive, and opticians often offer discounts and deals that make them even cheaper. Also, people with stable vision don’t need to buy new glasses very often. But contact lens wearers need to replace their lenses regularly in order to avoid infections.

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