Just about everyone has seen that poster of the person with the picture perfect smile and wish he or she had teeth like that. To be quite honest, a lot of times the picture you see is not natural. The person’s teeth has been professionally done by a cosmetic dental makeover. If you are a person whose teeth are stained, chipped, broken, discolored or otherwise imperfect, a cosmetic dentist will be just the right professional for you. There are Cosmetic Dentists in Mount Vernon NY who will transform your gray, dull teeth to a brightened white smile. These are some of the techniques used in cosmetic dentistry.

*    When people’s teeth are stained or discolored by such as coffee stains, cigarettes or medication, they can opt for bleaching. Bleaching is done when the dentist uses a whitening solution to bleach your teeth to a desired white shade. It can be done in the dentist office or at home, under the supervision of a dentist.

*    Another popular technique that is used applies to people whose teeth are discolored, uneven, chipped or not spaced correctly. The technique is the applying of veneers (the most commonly used material is porcelain). The veneers are not as expensive as getting crowns, and so are more widely selected.

*    Cosmetic dentists also use tooth contouring and reshaping. This procedure is used to align teeth that are crooked or irregular, teeth that overlap, and even correct minor issues with dental bite.
When other procedures are not able to be used, a cosmetic dentist will suggest crowns for the patient. Crowns are the longest lasting cosmetic restorative procedures, and the costliest.

Whatever your dental woes that may need transformation, a cosmetic dentist will be able to help you get what you are after. Anthony DeBenedictis D.D.S. is a dentist in Mount Vernon, New York who provides multi-service dentistry to patients in the area. Among the services offered are orthodontics, periodontal services, oral surgery, and cosmetic dentistry. His dental experience spans two decades.

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