Metal Fabrications Minneapolis MN are needed in several industries for a number of different applications. Some companies specialize in specific areas of custom fabrication, such as automated machinery parts, food processing equipment, and architectural fabrication. Component parts, custom pieces, welding, finishing services, light assembly, and computer aided drawing (CAD) capabilities are offered through a wide range of fabrication equipment. Providing services and custom work for specific applications develops expertise, rather than general knowledge in many areas. An experienced company, like Aerofab Inc, for example, can help a business offer creativity to customers and stand above the competition.

Architectural applications for metal Fabrications in Minneapolis, MN can include one-of-a-kind fencing and gates for homes, complexes, and apartment properties. Unique exterior designs for hotels, offices, retail stores, transportation centers, and medical facilities can be custom made to suit client preferences. Innovative interior structures for lobbies, entrances, convention centers, malls, and even signage can attract new customers to the design firm, independent architect, or engineering offices. Competitive pricing and personal customer service make it easy for owners to work with fabrication professionals. The CAD professionals can help turn ideas into feasible metal fabrication projects. Raw materials include mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and a variety of alloys.

Component parts for automated machinery and food processing equipment include brackets, conveyors, chutes, guides, handles, guards, covers, frames, pans, and flanges, among others. Parts can be custom fitted to existing machinery to improve production, alter a finished product, or make a prototype of a new product. Metalworking services include shearing, welding, and laser cutting. A variety of equipment available, such as drills, saws, lathes, grinders, a power punch, and a vertical mill, provides versatility for projects of all scopes and sizes. Stainless steel is the best metal to select for food processing equipment because it can be cleaned and sanitized easily, which can decrease downtime when switching flavors of similar products. It is also able to withstand corrosive environments, so moisture, acids, and water will not result in fast rusting or oxidation. The strength and flexibility of steel and aluminum make them ideal choices for custom metal fabrication projects and machinery needs. Visit website for more details.

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