There’s a lot of jubilation around the office today. The cause of all the excitement is that a new and lucrative client just signed a five-year contract. Along with all the excitement, a few staff members are beginning to think about what it will take to prepare and mail thousands of customized implementation packets to all the users employed by that new customer. One way to bring some order to the process is utilizing one of the Copy services in Los Angeles. Here’s what the service can provide.

Generating and Collating the Pages

While the packets need to be customized, there is already a digital boilerplate to use. All that must be done is adding the new customer’s name in the text and making a couple of other minor tweaks. Once that’s done, the file can go to one of the copy services in Los Angeles for printing.

As part of the support, that service can collate the packet pages as they are printed. This eliminates the need for staff members to huddle around several piles of sheets and arrange them by hand. As each complete set of pages is collated, someone at the service will place them in the folder along with any other branded welcome pieces like mouse pads or business cards.

Handling the Mailing

The customer has kindly provided an electronic document with the name, title, and mailing address of every employee who needs to receive a packet. All that’s left is to print the packet envelopes and apply the postage. The right service can handle this part of the project too.

That electronic document can be loaded and used to prepare the envelopes even as the packets are being assembled. Many services also offer their clients bulk mailing rate services to ensure the cost of mailing so many pieces is kept within reason. Depending on how quickly those packets need to be received, the savings generated by using bulk mail will be significant.

Don’t fret when there’s the need to get thousands of mailouts prepared and on the way in a short time. Get more information from a local service about copy and mailing services. When a new client comes on board and things need to move quickly, there will be no doubt about who to call.

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